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We believe that developing and managing a corporate brand is achievable, affordable and an absolute necessity for every company, small or large. With BrandBuilderBox™ this vision has become an opportunity in reach. 

"Brands have become the global currency for success."

Receive$100 towards any of our packages when you sign up today.

Research – Define – Design – Manage – Create – Present your Brand

Brand Builder Box™ enables business owners and leaders to develop, implement and manage their brands like a pro. With a free account, users are guided through the entire brand building process with video tutorials and plenty of online documentation and templates. 

But Brand Builder Box™ is not just a place to learn about branding. This cloud solution provides dozens of templates for branding, tutorial videos, and with the purchase one of our four packages we will produce all required brand touch-points like digital files of customer's new logos, digital and printed style guides, and plenty of promotional material. Customers receive everything in a single box – the Brand Builder Box™. Create your free account today.

The Brand Builder Box™Basic Account


Creating an account is easy, and no credit card is required. With an account, you can access the basic brand builder system with video tutorials and plenty of online documentation. You can save all your work and continue where you left off when you log back in. After completing the workbook, you can purchase the Brand Builder Box™and receive all your branding material conveniently in a  box and via email – branded like a pro.

Our team will come to your place or we invite your team to our conference boardroom in Seattle or in Poulsbo, WA. We will guide you through the Basic Brand Builder Box Account and facilitate the entire workshop. The goal of the workshop is to complete all open questions in the Basic Brand Builder Box Account.


We facilitate a 2 hour workshop with your team.


Our team will spend 4 hours with you and your team to conduct a full brand audit.

Our team will come to your place or we invite your team to our conference boardroom in Seattle or in Poulsbo, WA. We will guide you through the entire brand audit process from conducting research, clarifying strategy, defining identity, creating touchpoints, to managing brand assets.

What if you could manage the entire corporate brand development in the cloud?  

Welcome to the  Brand Builder Box™Audit Account.

Brand Builder Box™ Audit Account

You can sign up for a free 30-day trial period. No credit card is required to sign up, and after 30 days you can export all your data, and you can subscribe for as little as $9.99/month.

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Inspire People

What's in the Box?

Corporate Brand Style Guide

Logo Design

All our packages include one Brand Workshop, one Brand Audit and the Brand Account that is completely managed in the cloud. Our team will create and set up your own Brand Repository Account and facilitate one-day brand audit. We will help create and manage a team to conduct research, clarify strategy, define identity, create touchpoints, and manage brand assets. Our design team will create and produce all touchpoints included in your package.

A corporate brand includes more than the physical appearance of a company. Please refer to other sources for general corporate branding. 

Design of Promotional Material

Online Marketing Material

Brand Development 

Based on your responses from the branding questionnaire we will develop a brand and create your official branding style guide.  You will work with our brand specialist via email and over the phone to find out and capture how exactly you want your brand to feel and look like. 

Our design team will start working on creating your new logo. The logo is the most important visual element of your brand. This is why we will create the logo first. For us, creating a logo is not a process that happens somewhere in the back-office. Our approach to logo design is to involve a variety of people to capture its perception and possible feelings that a logo might create. When you receive the first set of logo suggestions from us you might be surprised by the quality of their designs and how relevant they are. We promise that you will love your new logo. 

Printed Marketing Material

The purpose of every brand is to create awareness. This is why our designers are very trend-perceptive. Styles in graphic design change constantly and customers tend to be aware of the smallest shifts. Our teams apply their experience, skills, and knowledge to create marketing material that will make your company or organization look relevant. And the best part is that we will make sure that all designs are 100% true to your brand. Since we developed your unique style guide we not only follow all its definitions but also provide you with all the data you need to have other teams build artifacts that represent your brand.  

We design all elements with the online and printing aspect in mind. Computers, mobile devices, and print require different color codes. For example, RGB colors are used for computer screens, CYMK is used for digital printing, and PMS colors are mainly used for offset printing. We make sure that all your artwork comes in all three different formats. This is why you will never be stuck when you plan to run online campaigns.

Our printing division has been in business for almost forty years and has serviced thousands of businesses. The beauty of the Brand Builder Box™ is that you not only get all your online promotion material but also a whole printed marketing set. You don't need to worry about getting your designs printed or distributed. We will send you your branding box with all you need to get started. Of course, we make it also very easy to reorder any of your material from us online. We ship to the entire United States.

A McKinsey & Company study showed that top-ranked brands consistently outperform the MSCI World benchmark* by 73%.

* The MSCI World Index, which is part of The Modern Index Strategy, is a broad global equity benchmark that represents large and mid-cap equity performance across 23 developed markets countries. It covers approximately 85% of the free float-adjusted market capitalization in each country and MSCI World benchmark does not offer exposure to emerging markets.

The consulting firm Interbrand publishes an annual report ranking the Best Global Brands, as determined by four internal factors (clarity, commitment, protection, and responsiveness) and six external factors (authenticity, relevance, differentiation, consistency, presence, and understanding).


Package A


Cloud Brand Development


Best for self-employed people or lifestyle businesses.

2 of the following:

100 ball pens, 

50 notepads, 

10 mouse pads, 

5 mugs, 

2 retractable stands, 

2 Acrylic Boards, 

1 A-Frame Sign, 

1 Aluminum Boards, 

2 Banners,

2 Cardboards,

2 Corrugated Boards, 

2 Foam Boards, 

2 Posters (Wide),

2 PVC Boards, 

2 Window Clings, 

2 Window Decals, 

2 Window Perfs 

2 Yard Signs



Logo Design


Style Guide Creation

Business Card Design


Company Flyer Design

Product Flyer Design

1 Product or Service

Printed Business Cards

Printed and electronic

Printed Product Flyers

incl. Brand Audit and Workshop

Printed Company Flyers



Package B

Small Biz

Package D

Best for small businesses with one or two employees

Best for companies with more than 10 employees


Package C

Design and printing of Promotional Material


Best for companies or organizations with up to 5 employees

2 Products or Services

All flyers are 12 x 18 in. folded in half printed on 80# cover


"Brand Builder Box™ changed the way I see branding."

With a clearly defined brand we will take your business to the next level. Don't take it from us. Hear what our clients have to say!

Blair Schuetz, KSAC


"They helped our agency put a new brand on our image that is fresh, professional and handsome. The logo was the starting point from which the business cards, brochures and website took their inspiration. We are very proud of the results."

"I owe my success to visually transmitting the value of my products. I love the personal service and attention to detail. Thank you!"

We believe that most businesses can benefit from better branding.

Jim O'Meara

Your Brand is Your Promise


Corporate Identity showcases strength and stability of your Organization. Branding is more than just the visual appearance. 

Corporate Communication

Corporate ID = 

Corporate Design +

Corporate Behavior + 

The Brand Builder Box™Account

Branding is why a customer buys from us.

Do you know what your company brand stands for? What are people saying about your business when you are not listening? Why do customers come to you and won't go to your competitors? They come to you because they trust your brand. Customers are not primarily interested in your products or your services, they are interested in the promise you make. It does not matter how big your business is, or if they know you in person or not. If people trust your company brand, they will come to your business.

Marketing is when a customer buys from us the first time.

Brands have become the global currency for success.